annual retreat

annual retreat

2020 Lead Planters Retreat

The 2020 Lead Planters Retreat was a great success! We're grateful for the refreshment the Lord supplied to lead church planters amidst the sunny skies of Miami. We're also thankful for the opportunities for encouragement God provided, including through interactions with fellow leaders. The retreat concluded with a time of


2019 Church Planter Retreat

Spending time with these church planting leaders in Miami is the highlight of the Orchard Group calendar. They serve their people and their communities with tireless effort, humble sacrifice, and a clear call to serve God. Getting away together is a chance to reconnect, relax, and laugh.  God is good.


2018 Lead Planters' Retreat

Church planting is a glorious (and sometimes exhausting) calling. Once a year, we gather many of our lead planting couples for a retreat in Miami. It is a time to reconnect with each other, share what's working, and discuss the issues that challenge us. It is a great joy to