The Church in Action During COVID-19

From raising additional benevolence funds, to creating new approaches for worship services, to fostering new ways for intentional connection, to proactively supporting local community, to practicing lament together... it's been beautiful seeing the church being the church in this unique season. Here are a handful of examples of Orchard Group

next chapter

The Next Chapter: Brooklyn & Oakland

This post is part of the "Next Chapter []" series, where we share about the “Next Chapters” in the story that God is writing through new churches. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In 2016, Brandon and Ty Watts launched Epiphany Church [] in Brooklyn with


Celebrating God's Work at Epiphany in 2019

After launching in 2016 [], Epiphany Brooklyn quickly began growing [] as it reached more and more people with the good news about Jesus. It's a joy to see how God continues to grow Epiphany [], not only


Spring Growth

One of the pictures Jesus used to describe the Kingdom of God was of a mustard seed. The Bible often uses gardening or farming illustrations to reveal the nature of the gospel, showing how God is at work in the world. God can bring life even in the most barren

in their own words

In Their Own Words: Building God's Kingdom or Clinging to Mine

By Ty Watts, Epiphany Church in Brooklyn, New York I find it hard to admit when I am wrong. Maybe because I’m usually always right – or at least I try and convince myself that I am. However, I can look back at one particular moment in my marriage when


A Church Grows in Brooklyn

At the launch of a new church, it's easy to wonder, "Will anybody show up?" Starting a new project is always a risk. Even after overcoming the initial challenges of gathering a core group of people who attend and give financially, new challenges present themselves. Epiphany Brooklyn [http://www.orchardgroup.


The Church of Today

“Children are not the church of the future. They are the church of today.” A ministry leader at a summer conference made this comment. How tempting it can be to view children in the church as add-ons to the “real” work of the church! That inclination is not new. Jesus’


Meet Ms. Carol

"When I first came to this country from St. Kitts, I didn’t have any family here – it was just me and my husband. Four months after I had my daughter, I started to feel such loneliness because I had no one to talk to. So I started looking for


Incubation to Incarnation

For the past ten days, the live feed of April, a pregnant giraffe, has captured the attention of 40 million people around the world. 40 million! Perhaps you’ve seen the news pop up on TV or in your Facebook feed. Funny enough, not much has happened (no sign of

launch sunday

Epiphany Church Launch!

A beautiful start for Epiphany Church in Brooklyn! A crowd gathered before the service, visiting and enjoying goodies made by bakers in the church. Once the service began, people trickled in until the place was packed. Gabe Katz welcomed everyone to launch Sunday. Dr. Eric Mason prayed for the new


Introducing the Brooklyn Project

Following God’s direction can lead to unexpected places. Abram followed God’s call to go, not knowing where it would lead. Jonah heard God’s call to Nineveh, but chose to run from it! Today, God still leads His people to surprising places. Brandon Watts was successful in the