The Latest: An Exciting Season for New Churches

‌ As the summer season gives way to Fall, many church plants find themselves transitioning out of the pre-launch stage and into the exciting season of launching regular Sunday church services! In fact, the next couple of months are shaping up to be some of our busiest ever: Accelerate Church (Camden)

launch sunday

City Church OTR Launches!

City Church OTR in Cincinnati officially launched on Easter Sunday! We celebrate  with this church as they form a new community in the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood. Co-pastors Chris Marlin and Tyler Chernesky share: > The theme of our Easter Celebration was "Not finished yet..." We felt this was reflective of Easter and

annual report

Orchard Group Report 2020-2021

It’s hard to think of very many aspects of normal life that haven’t been disrupted in the past year. Yet, one thing has never been disrupted, and never will be: God is still at work in our world!


Celebrating One Year (2020-style)

2020 has been a year like no other. Yet, even in the midst of unusual and unforeseen circumstances, God has been faithful to preserve and advance his church. This week, we have a tangible example of God's faithfulness with the first anniversaries of both Icon Church [https://orchardgroup.org/projects/

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Remembering and Celebrating God's Work at Crossway Christian Church

This article is contributed by Dave Smith, who served as the founding pastor at Crossway Christian Church in Nashau, NH – one of Orchard Group's church plants back in the '90s. He now serves as the planter of Crossway's Downtown Campus. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just over 25 years ago, our family arrived in

annual retreat

2020 Lead Planters Retreat

The 2020 Lead Planters Retreat was a great success! We're grateful for the refreshment the Lord supplied to lead church planters amidst the sunny skies of Miami. We're also thankful for the opportunities for encouragement God provided, including through interactions with fellow leaders. The retreat concluded with a time of


Celebrating Five Years

We're rejoicing with Renewal Church [https://orchardgroup.org/projects/renewal-church] (Chicago) and Renaissance Church [https://orchardgroup.org/projects/renaissance-church] (NYC) as they celebrate their five-year anniversaries. Both of these churches are already to the point of being self-sustaining [https://blog.orchardgroup.org/tag/self-sustaining/], one of the most important indicators


Mission City Church

Sunday was a day of energy and excitement at Mission City Church [http://www.orchardgroup.org/church/santa-barbara/] in Santa Barbara, CA. Mission City is a church plant that launched in the fall of 2017. "Church planting" is an evocative phrase to describe the start of a new church. It

annual report

2018 Annual Report


2019 Church Planter Retreat

Spending time with these church planting leaders in Miami is the highlight of the Orchard Group calendar. They serve their people and their communities with tireless effort, humble sacrifice, and a clear call to serve God. Getting away together is a chance to reconnect, relax, and laugh.  God is good.


Mission Church Grand Opening

On September 23rd, Mission Church [http://www.orchardgroup.org/church/santa-barbara/] celebrated the grand opening of their new worship space in Ventura, California. The building is located right off of the main highway and is visible to the thousands of people who drive by daily. Mission also marked their 7th


Celebrating One Year of The Gathering Harlem

Congratulations to our church family at The Gathering [http://www.orchardgroup.org/church/gathering-harlem/] in Harlem, New York City! They celebrated their one year birthday in September. The Gathering has grown in numbers, but the leadership is also excited about the spiritual and emotional growth they've seen in their people.