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Plan A: Watering and Planting

In a little paragraph in a letter to the church in Corinth, history’s most well-known church planter provides some important insight: > What then is Apollos? What is Paul? Servants through whom you believed, as the Lord assigned to each. I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So

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City Church OTR Launches!

City Church OTR in Cincinnati officially launched on Easter Sunday! We celebrate  with this church as they form a new community in the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood. Co-pastors Chris Marlin and Tyler Chernesky share: > The theme of our Easter Celebration was "Not finished yet..." We felt this was reflective of Easter and


The Latest: October News

This past month has marked the celebration of new beginnings at many Orchard Group churches, as well significant milestones at others. Join us in celebrating with these churches and in praising God for his good work! Celebrating New Beginnings On September 13, City Church Over-the-Rhine [


Celebrating New Beginnings at City Church OTR

On September 13, City Church Over-the-Rhine [] launched their preview services in Cincinnati! These services are designed to provide an opportunity for people to explore what their church is all about. Over 80 people turned out for their first preview service! We continue to be encouraged


The Latest: July News

As the summer warms up, so do the efforts of church planters as they prepare for the fall season. Church planting always requires creativity – even more so in a time with the added complexities of physical distancing, volatile economy, and global protests. Right now, leaders in Greater Miami [https://orchardgroup.


Fostering a New Faith Family

This article is contributed by Chris and Katherine Marlin and Tyler Chernesky, who are currently preparing to start a new church in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our dreams of church planting reach back almost a decade. And while those dreams have changed and grown over the years, they never included


The Latest: May News

Over the past six weeks, it's been beautiful to see Orchard Group church plants "be the church" during this unique season. There's been much to celebrate [] as we see churches creating new approaches for worship services, finding new ways to stay connected, and proactively supporting

next chapter

The Next Chapter: Phoenix & Cincinnati

This post is part of the "Next Chapter []" series, where we share about the “Next Chapters” in the story that God is writing through new churches. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As we entered a new decade earlier this year, we found ourselves reflective about all God has


The Cincinnati Project

"Family is a word central to everything our church hopes to accomplish," say church planters Chris Marlin and Tyler Chernesky. "Almost all of our methods will be built around the fact that God invites Christians into His family and sets them on mission together." Tyler and Chris are preparing to