Church Finance Considerations for This Season

By Robert Tomko, finance director -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three church finance considerations for our current moment: 1.) Maintain accurate and responsible records. During this time, many of us will have fewer in-person connections with our accountant or bookkeeper. It’s important to ensure that our financial reports are produced with accuracy and


Navigating a New Reality

Our team has recently been encouraged by a report from some of our international planters of how they're navigating a "new norm" in light of COVID-19. We invite you to read the following report and join us in praising God and praying for the church in Istanbul. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From church


The Church in Action During COVID-19

From raising additional benevolence funds, to creating new approaches for worship services, to fostering new ways for intentional connection, to proactively supporting local community, to practicing lament together... it's been beautiful seeing the church being the church in this unique season. Here are a handful of examples of Orchard Group

in their own words

Christian Life in Times of Crisis

Every crisis is different and the one we find ourselves in is particularly unique. Still, there are lessons to be gleaned from the past and principles learned in previous fires that can shape how we navigate adversity today. We recently asked a few staff members and church planters to share


FAQ for Churches: The Paycheck Protection Program

from Greg Hubbard, Director of Operations, Orchard Group What is it? The economic stimulus bill recently passed by Congress (the CARES 2020 Act) contains $349 billion in potentially forgivable loans for small businesses, including churches, to encourage them to retain their employees through the current crisis. Who can get a


Ministering in the Blizzard and Preparing for Winter

Like many organizations that are serving entrepreneurs and start-ups, we have been challenged by Praxis' article Leading Beyond the Blizzard [] . It gives an excellent framework for the current moment, and for moving forward over the medium and longer term. Borrowing the concepts of "blizzard" (~8

long haul

Staying Spiritually Healthy in Crisis

By Brent Storms, Orchard Group President/CEO Over the past couple of decades with Orchard Group I have experienced a handful of crises: the terrorist attacks on 9/11, the 2008 recession in the global economy, and the brutal impact of Hurricane Sandy on New York City. There have been


Seven Days of Prayer

Join nearly 4,000 prayer partners in praying for seven days. Begin anytime, and then return to do it again: Day 1 > View this post on Instagram [] Would you join us in seven days of prayer? β € β € Day