Restore Church Serves Refugees

In the fall of 2015, photos of Aylan Kurdi [https://www.wsj.com/articles/image-of-syrian-boy-washed-up-on-beach-hits-hard-1441282847] made the front pages of papers around the world. The lifeless body of the 3 year old boy, washed up on the beach in Turkey, became a focal point of grief and frustration over the


Creativity, Growth, and Prayer

Snow, snow, and more snow has blanketed the Northeast over the last month, causing school closings and creating dangerous conditions on roadways.  For many of our churches, the snow and school closings have forced them to get creative with their Sunday worship services! For two weeks, Revolution Church [http://www.


Not Easily Broken

Orchard Group began planting churches in New York City in 1948. Over the past 25 years, our church planting efforts expanded into the northeast region. Decades of work are now bearing fruit, as new churches become mature churches and in turn help more new churches start. Individual churches become a