Ways Unimagined: God's Work at The Gathering Harlem

This article is contributed by the staff of The Gathering Harlem, which launched in 2017, led by Kenny and Shanika Hart. Header photo courtesy of Anthony Geathers. The vision that God gave The Gathering Harlem (TGH) for 2020 was "expansion." But we could never have imagined the ways he would


How Your Church Can Begin Making a Strategy for Racial Justice

“Most churches and Christian organizations have all kinds of strategies: a strategy for evangelism, a strategy for crisis planning, a strategy for staffing, or a strategy for how to manage your building. But how many have a solid strategy to ensure that they are fighting against racial injustice?” –Brandon Watts,

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A Conversation on Gospel and Race

WHY HOST A CONVERSATION ON GOSPEL AND RACE? Renewal Church in Chicago serves a city that is nearly equally black, white, and Latino.  Their desire is to share the gospel with all people of the city, believing that the message of Jesus Christ will bring people of all backgrounds together

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Church Plants that are Fighting Human Trafficking

Mosaic, Revolution, and The Foundry are partners in the fight against human trafficking in Baltimore. Their presence has been vital to the work of The Samaritan Women, a home for the restoration and care of survivors of sexual abuse. Amanda Weikel, a member of Mosaic and Manager at the home,


The Christmas Store at The Foundry Church

Throughout the month of December and over the next several years, The Foundry Church is committed to serving Hollins Market, a low income neighborhood in Baltimore. This neighborhood is where Foundry wants to spend their time, talent and treasure - helping the neighborhood develop into something great. The Christmas Store


Mission Church Seeks Good for its Community

What good can one new church do in a community? This compelling video from Mission Church in Ventura, CA shows how one new church community has a real and practical impact on the people of a city.  Their generosity is the visible outpouring of a gracious God!

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Orchard Group Podcast: #4 Serving the Community

https://orchardgroup.hipcast.com/deluge/hipcast-11792-u-384968-s-1.audio.mp3 Whatever you do for the least of these, you also do for me. -JesusThese words set a high standard for those of us who follow Jesus and work in churches! Today’s discussion will center around how several different churches live out

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Seeing the Need

What do you do when you see a need in your community? North Shore Christian Church has been quietly serving the hungry on Long Island. In their area, no soup kitchens stay open the entire year. So a team of volunteers committed to make bag lunches for people who need