Celebrating God's Work at City Church Lagos

In a bustling city of over 20 million, City Church exists to "Love Jesus, Love People, and Love Lagos." Lagos is one of the largest and fastest-growing cities [] in the world, and we count it a privilege to partner with Femi and Tosin Osunnuyi and


The Church in Action During COVID-19

From raising additional benevolence funds, to creating new approaches for worship services, to fostering new ways for intentional connection, to proactively supporting local community, to practicing lament together... it's been beautiful seeing the church being the church in this unique season. Here are a handful of examples of Orchard Group


Church in the World's Fastest-Growing City

Nigeria has been called “the most religious country on earth.” According to a recent BBC poll, 100% of the participants believe in God. That astonishing statistic is easy to accept when you notice the large, hangar-like structures that dot the country: churches where worshippers come in the thousands. Hundreds of


City Church, Lagos

Long work days. Punishing commutes. High cost of living. Hearing that description, a person might think of New York City, or Tokyo, or London. Femi Osunnuyi, lead planter of City Church in Lagos, Nigeria, shares how these qualities typify life in his booming city. “The average work day in Lagos


Incubation to Incarnation

For the past ten days, the live feed of April, a pregnant giraffe, has captured the attention of 40 million people around the world. 40 million! Perhaps you’ve seen the news pop up on TV or in your Facebook feed. Funny enough, not much has happened (no sign of

launch sunday

City Church Launch!

Lagos, Nigeria is a city unique in the world for its explosive growth. Studies show [] that it grows by 85 people per hour, faster than London and New York City combined. Not only is Lagos growing rapidly, it is a religiously binary city; the Muslim


Celebrating Christ in the Chaos of the City

> "I've never heard anything like this before." > "This is what I've been looking for." > "When a friend told me about this place, I had to come see for myself." These are all verbatim statements made at a preview service at City Church [] in Lagos,

life change

Below the Waterline

If you visit New York City and have a day to spare, take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The views of Manhattan and Brooklyn are spectacular. The bridge is an engineering marvel. When it was built, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Several controversies surrounded the


Love God, Love People, Love Lagos

Femi Osunnuyi is leading the Lagos Project, a new church in Nigeria. Lagos is a vital and strategic city in Africa. Watch the video to hear more about the project. You can also donate to the project here [].


Introducing the Lagos Project

Lagos is a city of superlatives: With more than 20 million inhabitants, it’s not only the largest city in the country of Nigeria, it’s the largest city on the continent of Africa. Its industries form the centerpiece of Africa’s largest economy. Its booming media studios are producing