life change

life change

Celebrating New Life at Trace Church

Trace Church [] in Colorado Springs recently had the joy of celebrating 18 baptisms. Join us in rejoicing with them, and in celebrating the new life that these brothers and sisters have found in Jesus!

greater miami

Finding Creative Ways to Connect in Greater Miami

In the midst of this unique season of physical distancing, church planters Terrence & Emma Mullings are pressing forward with fostering community and building momentum for the launch of a new church in Greater Miami. Here are a few snapshots of life from the past month from the Greater Miami planting

life change

Meet Phineas

New churches in new places mean more opportunities for people to hear the good news that they matter to God []. Each new church provides the opportunity for more people to encounter Jesus and grow in their relationship with him. In 2019, SLO City Church

greater miami

A Vision for Greater Miami

Greater Miami is filled with beautiful, diverse people. They are each known by and important to God. For years, Terrence and Emma Mullings have been praying, working, and dreaming for a new church in Greater Miami that will introduce people to Jesus and his work for them. Originally from Australia,

life change

Meet John

We often say that we plant churches because people matter to God. God cares deeply for each individual on this planet. He created them. He loves them. He knows their stories and their struggles. He longs for them to know him. Through the work of Jesus, he makes a way


Spring Growth

One of the pictures Jesus used to describe the Kingdom of God was of a mustard seed. The Bible often uses gardening or farming illustrations to reveal the nature of the gospel, showing how God is at work in the world. God can bring life even in the most barren

life change

Race and Immigration: A Gospel Conversation

Each year, Renewal Church in Chicago hosts a conversation centered on how the gospel impacts issues around racial identity. This year, they expanded the conversation to include how Jesus followers can think about immigration. Renewal is committed to living out the gospel in Chicago, crossing boundaries and becoming a multi-ethnic

life change

The Lord of the Dance

A ballet school might not be an obvious ministry outreach for most church plants. But when the leaders of MISSIO DEI COMMUNITY [] in Salt Lake City discovered that several trained ballet dancers were a part of their church, they equipped those dancers to lead


Sunday at Miami Church

On any given Sunday at Miami Church, 15 different countries will be represented by the people who attend. Miami as a city is known for its multicultural flair, flashy style, warm weather, and increasingly, for people who say they feel isolated. Miami Church is a gathering place where many find


Meet Xochitl

A move to a new city, grief over a miscarriage, and struggles with infertility and adoption left Xochitl feeling isolated and alone. Frustrated dreams brought her to a dark place for months, where she felt discouraged and alone. She struggled to get outside. Xochitl decided that it would be good


Expanding the Impact

From Brent Storms, President and CEO As we find ourselves between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Iā€™m feeling both a deep sense of gratitude and a great anticipation of what is to come. Iā€™m grateful for the ways God has allowed our ministry to reach tens of thousands of people

life change

New Life at New City Church

What a great weekend at New City Church [] in Phoenix, AZ. 14 people were baptized yesterday!