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Good News from Ireland and Japan!

Four more baptisms at Elevate Christian Church in Limerick! ECC is rejoicing to see people putting their trust in Jesus. Mustard Seed Christian Church in Osaka recently moved to new space, which has been a blessing. Their attendance has boomed far past what the old space could have accommodated! Leaders


New Life In Ireland

Visiting Ireland is enjoyable. Visiting Dermot and Elevate Community Church is even better! Recently, ECC celebrated a baptism, baby dedications, and the highest attendance of first-time guests to their morning service. Elevate was planted in 2012. "Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, because He comes to His


Elevate Church's Groups

Elevate Christian Church celebrated their 1st birthday in January, and they are seeing great growth in their groups!  Elevate started with weekly Sunday services and two groups per week.  Those two groups have flourished and have multiplied into five mid-week groups. Lead planter Dermot O’Mahony has noted, “Irish people


Elevate Church Celebrates First Year

[video width="500" height="282" mp4=""][/video]The moment (at :10 in the video) where the woman on the street exclaims, "Church?! Now THAT'S a sore subject." describes the feelings of many in Ireland. So we are appreciative of the


Here for the View

Ireland conjures many romantic images: verdant green fields, warm hospitality, lively music, and a strong religious presence. Yet recent studies show that Irish people are walking away from the church. Religious institutions are viewed with suspicion even as they have a strong foothold in community life. The percentage of people