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long island

Celebrating One Year at Community Church

This article is contributed by Lou Pizzichillo, lead planter of Community Church [https://orchardgroup.org/projects/long-island-project] on Long Island. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In his letter to the church in Ephesus, Paul wrote these words. If you stop and think about them for a minute, they’re pretty extreme. In Ephesians 3:

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The Next Chapter: True North & Community Church

This post is part of the "Next Chapter [https://blog.orchardgroup.org/tag/next-chapter]" series, where we share about the “Next Chapters” in the story that God is writing through new churches. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As our team continues to reflect on “The Next Chapter” that God is writing through his church,


The Church in Action During COVID-19

From raising additional benevolence funds, to creating new approaches for worship services, to fostering new ways for intentional connection, to proactively supporting local community, to practicing lament together... it's been beautiful seeing the church being the church in this unique season. Here are a handful of examples of Orchard Group

launch sunday

Launch Sunday: Community Church

Over 350 people came out on Sunday, January 5, 2020 to join in the launch of Community Church [https://orchardgroup.org/projects/long-island-project] on Long Island! We praise God for a great start, and we're excited for all he has in store for Community Church! =

long island

Long Island Project

Orchard Group will back church planters Lou and Allie Pizzichillo, who will lead the Long Island Project in 2020. Lou said, “We believe that when people see God for who He truly is, they’ll find God irresistible. We want the people of Long Island to understand God as a

long island

In Their Own Words: Year One, Don't Forget the Family

From Bert Crabbe, Lead Pastor of True North Community Church Planting a church is a huge undertaking, and anyone who’s even glanced at a first-year church planter can see that it takes a toll on a person – body, mind, and soul. But. There’s another area that can really

social change

Seeing the Need

What do you do when you see a need in your community? North Shore Christian Church [http://www.orchardgroup.org/church/north-shore-christian-church/] has been quietly serving the hungry on Long Island. In their area, no soup kitchens stay open the entire year. So a team of volunteers committed to make