salt lake city

salt lake city

In Their Own Words: Moving With a Core Group

by Kyle Costello, Missio Dei Community, Salt Lake City Six months before my wife and I moved to plant our church, the lead pastor of the church where I was on staff publicly announced our plans. He didn’t just mention the church plant and our future move from Portland

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The Lord of the Dance

A ballet school might not be an obvious ministry outreach for most church plants. But when the leaders of MISSIO DEI COMMUNITY [] in Salt Lake City discovered that several trained ballet dancers were a part of their church, they equipped those dancers to lead


From 0 to 60

Kyle Costello, lead planter of Missio Dei Community [] in Salt Lake City, has a unique challenge and opportunity by starting a church in a city with a very young demographic. Many people are new to the city, which means that the church members have


New Space For Missio Dei!

Opening Sunday in Missio Dei Community's new space! They've done a great job renovating it and making it a place to welcome new people. Missio had a BIG Easter weekend. From Good Friday to Sunday, there was non-stop worship, celebration, and reflection at the church. Five people were baptized on


Missio Dei's New Space

We are celebrating with Missio Dei Community [], who just signed the purchase agreement for new space in downtown Salt Lake City.

salt lake city

Advent at Missio Dei

> "Every church needs an art team in order to serve their city because the people need beauty as well as bread."   -Ray Bakke Many of our churches are collaborating with artists in interesting ways, allowing them to use their talents- whether music, painting, photography, writing, or dance- to point to

salt lake city


Once a week, a group from Missio Dei Community [] walks the streets to serve the prostitutes of Salt Lake City. Nurse Kelley Caruso describes the ministry, which provides water, food, hygiene kits, information and support.  Just as Jesus came to seek and save the

salt lake city

Church Planting is Messy

> I think the biggest challenge of church planting is staying rooted to Christ (mission, vision and values) day in and day out. It can be easy to romanticize or glorify or even idolize the church planting endeavor. The problem with that is that church planting is insanely messy. From the