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The Church in Action During COVID-19

From raising additional benevolence funds, to creating new approaches for worship services, to fostering new ways for intentional connection, to proactively supporting local community, to practicing lament together... it's been beautiful seeing the church being the church in this unique season. Here are a handful of examples of Orchard Group

san francisco

Bay City Church Launches

Sunday was a great start for Bay City Church [] in San Francisco! Bay City meets in the Bayview neighborhood, one of the last remaining working-class neighborhoods in the city. As the San Francisco area continues to grow, Bay City has the opportunity to introduce


Upcoming in California

BAY CITY CHURCH [] in San Francisco is launching with their first worship service on Sunday, September 9th. Eddie Williams is leading this team with the goal of making a big kingdom impact in the very neighborhood where he grew up. They have been hosting


From the NFL to Church Planting

The National Football League (NFL) is not a typical training ground for church planting. Yet Eddie Williams’ story is not a typical one. Eddie grew up in the bay area of San Francisco, California. His childhood was rootless, filled with constant upheaval and moves from one area to another. He


Meet Josephine

Josephine grew up in a Christian home. As she attended college, she increasingly felt the tension of living between eastern and western cultures. She saw her peers leaving the church and began to view the church as unenlightened and oppressive. So Josephine threw herself into the world of startups. They


Meet Dylan

“When I moved to California, I wanted to find a church. So I did what any millennial would do. I googled ‘church’.” Meet Dylan from Redemption Church [] in San Francisco. Dylan lived in various West Coast cities and in Japan. Church involvement was always

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Redemption Church in Photos

Planting churches is exciting work. Seeing those churches grow into thriving, fruitful communities is rewarding beyond measure! A recent visit to Redemption Church [] in the heart of San Francisco revealed a community of people committed to God, each other, and living out the gospel in

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Good News for Everyone

From Nick Parsons San Francisco is associated with a lot of things. For some it is the Gold Rush, the Beat Generation and the Hippie Movement. For others it is the Golden Gate Bridge, trolley cars and rows upon rows of narrow Victorian houses. More recently San Francisco has become


New Venue for Redemption Church

Last Sunday, Redemption Church [] in San Francisco had their first meeting in the lobby of their new space.  They are doing construction on the main part of the building. It was packed out and their biggest service to date! Congratulations, Redemption.  Looking forward to

san francisco

Redemption Church

With 7.5 million residents, the San Francisco Bay Area is the 5th largest metropolitan area in the United States.  It is known for its technological hub, Silicon Valley, and attracts cultural creatives from around the world.  It is also one of the least churched regions in the US.  Justin