Oakland Project's Thanksgiving Giveaway

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving this year? Food? Family? Football? The Oakland Project [] did all that and more, as they organized a Thanksgiving Giveaway to help provide basic Thanksgiving items for over 120 families in their community. This team is in the process of preparing


Celebrating Five Years

We're rejoicing with Renewal Church [] (Chicago) and Renaissance Church [] (NYC) as they celebrate their five-year anniversaries. Both of these churches are already to the point of being self-sustaining [], one of the most important indicators


Mission Church Grand Opening

On September 23rd, Mission Church [] celebrated the grand opening of their new worship space in Ventura, California. The building is located right off of the main highway and is visible to the thousands of people who drive by daily. Mission also marked their 7th


Celebrating Milestones

Miami Church in Florida celebrated launch Sunday []! Renaissance Church in NYC and Renewal Church in Chicago each celebrated 1 year.  Autumn is an exciting time as we celebrate the launch of new churches and birthdays of established churches.


New Space For Missio Dei!

Opening Sunday in Missio Dei Community's new space! They've done a great job renovating it and making it a place to welcome new people. Missio had a BIG Easter weekend. From Good Friday to Sunday, there was non-stop worship, celebration, and reflection at the church. Five people were baptized on


New Venue for Redemption Church

Last Sunday, Redemption Church [] in San Francisco had their first meeting in the lobby of their new space.  They are doing construction on the main part of the building. It was packed out and their biggest service to date! Congratulations, Redemption.  Looking forward to


Missio Dei's New Space

We are celebrating with Missio Dei Community [], who just signed the purchase agreement for new space in downtown Salt Lake City.