The Latest: October News

This past month has marked the celebration of new beginnings at many Orchard Group churches, as well significant milestones at others. Join us in celebrating with these churches and in praising God for his good work! Celebrating New Beginnings On September 13, City Church Over-the-Rhine [


Celebrating One Year (2020-style)

2020 has been a year like no other. Yet, even in the midst of unusual and unforeseen circumstances, God has been faithful to preserve and advance his church. This week, we have a tangible example of God's faithfulness with the first anniversaries of both Icon Church [


Not Limited by Four Walls

At its core, the church has always been characterized as a people who gather, united by their shared love for Jesus. This continues to be true even as a pandemic has caused this "gathering" to take on many different forms throughout the world. We love seeing the creative ways churches

next chapter

The Next Chapter: Crossway & SLO City

Throughout this year, we’ve taken a moment to look back at past church plants and to look forward to current church plants. (Browse other features in the Next Chapter series [].) This month, we’d like to continue celebrating how God is writing the

life change

Meet Phineas

New churches in new places mean more opportunities for people to hear the good news that they matter to God []. Each new church provides the opportunity for more people to encounter Jesus and grow in their relationship with him. In 2019, SLO City Church

launch sunday

A Church for the "Never-Churched"

God has given Brent & Jenna Bramer a desire to see the "never churched" encounter the goodness of God through a new church in the city of San Luis Obispo. One of the first communities settled in California, San Luis Obispo (known locally as "SLO") is a city that is poised


No SLO-ing Down

It's thrilling to see a group of people grow into a movement that will build a new church! The San Luis Obispo (SLO) Project, led by Brent & Jenna Bramer, is gathering momentum towards a launch in the fall. Brent shared, "On February 17th we were able to gather together for


San Luis Obispo Project

One in twelve Americans lives in California. While 18th Century Spanish missions may dot the landscape, nearly one-third of the people in the state are “nones” - men and women who have no religious affiliation whatsoever. Because new churches are one of the most-effective ways to reach new people with