Mission Church Grand Opening

On September 23rd, Mission Church celebrated the grand opening of their new worship space in Ventura, California. The building is located right off of the main highway and is visible to the thousands of people who drive by daily. Mission also marked their 7th birthday last month. In those seven


Upcoming in California

BAY CITY CHURCH in San Francisco is launching with their first worship service on Sunday, September 9th. Eddie Williams is leading this team with the goal of making a big kingdom impact in the very neighborhood where he grew up. They have been hosting monthly vision gatherings to prepare for

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Values that Shape Culture

By Mike Hickerson, lead pastor of Mission Church in Ventura, CA When we started Mission, I would love to tell you we knew exactly what we were doing…we didn’t. I would love to tell you we had values and strategy clearly marked out…we didn’t. I would


Meet Xochitl

A move to a new city, grief over a miscarriage, and struggles with infertility and adoption left Xochitl feeling isolated and alone. Frustrated dreams brought her to a dark place for months, where she felt discouraged and alone. She struggled to get outside. Xochitl decided that it would be good


Meet Maricella

"My name is Maricella. I believe that Jesus is the Christ and he has saved my life." Hear Maricella tell her story of faith, forgiveness, and the power of perfect love.  Maricella was baptized at Mission Church in Ventura, CA.


Meet Tony

“Mission Church is God handing me a cup of coffee every week.” ☕️ Meet Tony from Mission Church in Ventura, CA. Tony joined Mission because he saw God doing something special through the church. Mission is known throughout their city as a place of grace, hospitality, and fun. (They like to


Meet Melinda

“My struggles with alcoholism took me to places where I never thought I’d be. Mission stood by me and said, ‘We love you anyway.’” Meet Melinda from Mission Church. Melinda came to Mission on Easter Sunday of 2016 when a friend invited her. What she heard changed her life.


Why Plant Churches? Because People Matter to God.

Mike and Jodi Hickerson at Mission Church in Ventura, California have been amazed at how people's lives are changing as a result of hearing the gospel.

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A Church That Throws Great Parties

What if Christians were known for throwing great parties- no strings attached? That has become the DNA of Mission Church. They have gained a reputation for loving people with openness and grace. Each summer, they host several Free Friday Flicks in a local park with movies, face painting, snacks -


Mission Church Seeks Good for its Community

What good can one new church do in a community? This compelling video from Mission Church in Ventura, CA shows how one new church community has a real and practical impact on the people of a city.  Their generosity is the visible outpouring of a gracious God!


Five Values that Shape Our Culture

From Mike Hickerson, Lead Pastor at Mission Church I would love to tell you we knew exactly what we were doing when we started Mission Church…we didn’t. I would love to tell you we had values and strategy clearly marked out…we didn’t. I would love to

church planting in practice

Welcoming the Visitor

Mission Church is making a difference in lives in California! Below is excerpt of an email they received from a first time visitor: "I just wanted to say thank you. Today was my first day at Mission Church. Before I even got in the doors, I was welcomed warmly with